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Decoding the last mile with delivery management software

With an aim of fulfilling customers’ need and demand, the concept of same-day and one-day deliveries have taken the centre spot in the last mile delivery segment. The efficiency in the segment is always talked about, however, the high cost of last mile logistics poses a big challenge.


In this special feature, Dista brings out the challenges of high-cost last mile deliveries along with ways to fight it and create a win-win situation for sellers and customers.


Read how delivery orchestration technology can play a crucial role in creating a successful last mile delivery experience.


Key takeaways from this white paper:

  • Why last mile delivery has become important?
  • Trends in last mile delivery management
  • Reasons for high cost of last mile delivery
  • How companies can solve last mile challenges
  • Role of delivery management software to improve last mile 

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