How it works

Dista is an AI enabled location intelligence platform that offers cutting edge cloud-based field service management, mobile workforce management, shared mobility (ride-hailing), first and last mile delivery management to quick-start your business, optimize each service interaction, and delight your customers.

Why Dista?

Businesses are unique and no one size fits all when it comes to your operating models, business processes and offerings. So, why settle for a product that has limited functionalities and offers no customization tailored for your business. Rather than modifying your business to suit a product, it’s time to move to a platform that can be aligned to your business…

At the core, Dista is a platform, not a product! With an intuitive user interface and flexible architecture, Dista drives application adoption, productivity, and agility through your organization empowering everyone to build white-labelled custom apps quickly with minimal coding using the Dista platform. At the heart of our Dista platform is its core framework that allows high degree configurability yet a great user experience to facilitate location intelligence across industry verticals.

Choose between out-of-the box functionalities or get customized features. Make Dista your own with developer tools that let you tailor your location intelligence platform with point-and-click ease and empower everyone — developers, admins, and business users – to build amazing experiences for your business users, customers and stakeholders!

API friendly

Plug multiple products and services into the platform

Rich developer environment

Create add-on applications that integrate into the main platform

Custom reporting

Develop custom reports and dashboards to suit your needs


Drag and drop features to get an interface catered to your demands

The Difference

Features of Location Intelligence Platform

At the heart of our Dista platform is its core framework that allows a high degree of configurability yet a great user experience to facilitate location intelligence across industry verticals.

Rapid implementation

Go live in weeks not months with 3-6 week deployment cycles

Custom configuration

Open modular platform can be customized to fully address specific customer requirements with flexible configurations and quick adoption

Seamless integration

Interface with leading ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, e-commerce, payroll, scheduling, procurement, and other third part or legacy applications with a variety of APIs and SDKs which also enable developers to create add-ons

Modern cutting-edge UI

Easy-to-use, intuitive user experience with multi-device compatibility designed for the quick onboarding

Powered by Cloud, Data & AI

Enterprise-grade architecture that enables it to reliably and securely handle huge amounts of data moving concurrently through the system.

Offline mode

App works in absence of connectivity. Dista intelligently syncs the data stored locally in app once connectivity is restored.

Battery friendly

Dista optimizes battery use by minimizing reliance on GPS for location tracking, minimizing screen time and reducing data entry fields. This helps users avoid looking for recharging plugs

Modules of Location Intelligence Platform

Dista, powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud, leverages a series of APIs such as – locators, grid definition & management, cockpit & dashboards, scheduling algorithms, route optimizer, asset tracking, and others to boost operational efficiency of businesses


Help customers find you! Create an interactive map for your website that shows your customers the location of all your stores.

Geocoding (address verification)

Convert the vaguest of addresses into precise geographical coordinates with Dista's proprietary geocoding engine, leaving no room for error, thus avoiding delays due to misroutes

Geo fencing

Define perimeters which surround your areas of interest to create trade zones based on distance, travel time, competition and other parameters

Auto scheduling

Plan schedules, assign tasks to specific field assets based on number of parameters configured through custom business rules

Route optimizer

Help your users find the best way to get from source to destination with comprehensive data and real-time traffic


Group a set of locations based on various parameters such as distance, volumes, orders etc.

Asset tracking

Locate agents, vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing travel history, and create efficient routes


Know where your field assets are and view estimated time of arrival to each location based on the real-time information

Live notifications

Get instant alerts in case of any route deviation, traffic jams, breakdowns and delays, new job, cancellations, undesignated halts, exceeding break times etc.

Mobile app

Native mobile apps simple to use with minimal training but powerful enough to provide everything needed by managers, dispatchers, field agents as well as customers

Advanced analytics with AI/ML

Gain intelligent insights into field operations with Dista’s advanced analytics engine that empowers you with location clustering, route heatmaps, territory planning, SLA deviations, delay density bubbles, utilization etc.


Technology used in Dista platform

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