Ride Management

Ride sharing app / Carpooling management software/ Carpooling app

Dista’s ride management software provides customized solutions to cab-hailing and ride-sharing businesses to improve their business operations. Our platform offers an efficient driver and rider experience with a fully automated dispatch and central operations system.

Use cases for ride management software

  • Cab hailing

A cab ride-hailing software facilitates speedy ride discovery and enables smooth cab booking with ETA and multiple payment options. It helps to provide a safer ride experience for the passengers with an SOS button. The software offers complete visibility on all active rides and maximizes resource utilization.

  • Ridesharing and carpooling

A ride-sharing software automates vehicle booking, billing, scheduling and dispatching, facilitates dynamic pricing, and more. It provides real-time visibility, live ETAs, and optimized routes to improve the customer experience for the rider.

Challenges addressed by ride management software

Benefits of ride management platform

Faster ride discovery with multiple options

Visibility of all ongoing rides

Dynamic pricing

Secured ride experience for drivers and riders

Manage your ride sharing business with Dista.

Features of ride sharing software

Hassle-free cab booking

Allow passengers to choose ride options, schedule rides, get fare estimates, expected arrival times, and payment options.

Intelligent ride discovery and booking

Locate nearby vehicles matching your requirements and select the ones closest to your location. Repeat rides option for setting preference-based ride schedule.

Choose co-travellers

Manually choose co-travelers and ride-givers or AI-enabled instant suggestions based on their profiles, ratings, price, and more.

Reviews and ratings

Engage passengers with the ability to input feedback and rating at the end of each trip.


Cab passenger safety

Provide rider to share ride details with friends and an in-app SOS button to raise an alert in perceived threats.

Taxi dispatcher dashboard

Easily view bookings, assign vehicles, monitor rides, view transaction logs and analyze performance.

Seamless payments

Allow seamless payment based on time and distance, surge pricing, special offers, referral plans and coupons, automated driver payouts, wallet integration for cashless transfers.

Cab driver onboarding

Make driver onboarding quick and easy with the document upload, wizard-based multilingual forms within the app.

Performance reports

Get details of earnings, driver performance analytics, driver review, and ratings, as well as other KPIs.

Fleet safety

Keep your fleet assets protected with round-the-clock visibility, off-hours use alerts, theft detection, and unauthorized movement alerts.

Accept or reject ride

Offer drivers the authority to accept or reject the request at their convenience.

Map-based live tracking

Easily track the exact location of your rides and co-travelers.

Verification and ratings

Verify driver or rider profiles along with their reviews and ratings.

Pricing and payment

Dynamic ride pricing system based on vehicle, type of car, demand, time, and more. Smooth money exchange with multiple payment gateways and integration with insurance vendors for optimal coverage.

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