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Shared mobility services are seeing a great interest as they bring a revolution in the way people commute. As an important leg of transportation systems, on demand shuttle services make everyday commutes convenient and comfortable. 


Dista shuttle management software helps you to launch  a complete shuttle booking business making daily commute convenient with a mobility platform, shuttle dispatch system and rich customer experience.  Track your shuttle fleet in real time to maximize business outcomes and offer reliable shuttle rides.

Problems solved by shuttle management software

  • No control over ongoing rides with compromised passenger safety
  • Unviable shuttle routes with odd stops
  • Poor customer service with long waiting times and lack of options
  • Static pricing incapable of adjusting to dynamic trends

Benefits of shuttle booking software

Convenient and hassle free shuttle booking

Flexibility and ease of booking, cancelling, rescheduling and payments

Trusted and secure ride experience with live tracking and trip sharing

Stellar customer experience due to ease of payment and on-time bookings

Features of shuttle tracking management software

Shuttle service design

Design a comprehensive shuttle service with route planning, pick-up points and vehicle-trip mapping

Vendor and vehicle onboarding

Smoothen onboarding of vendor and vehicle with complete details and verification

Help & Support

Provide uninterrupted support channel for drivers and consumers to address issues and provide necessary assistance

Multi-stop route planning

Plan optimized multi-stop routes on the go providing least detour and minimum windshield time

Auto creation of shuttle routes

Provide the most optimized routes to your drivers with automated route optimization embedded with route instance variation.

Real-time shuttle tracking

Keep an eye on your shuttle movement to check live status and track any delays.

Shuttle service analytics

Keep track of your business with delay reasons, productivity reports, trip reports and earnings

Customer experience

Delightful customer experience with easy booking, boarding points, seat picking, re-scheduling and cancellations

Dynamic pricing

Maximize your revenue with a complex pricing engine based on demand, availability, inventory, day, date, time etc.

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